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Atlassian Products Checker (tbox-atlassian.php) allows you to check for the latest available versions of Atlassian products and show your currently installed ones. The script is written in PHP and utilizes the curl_multi module to simultaneously poll multiple sites.

The set of parameters in the script is quite flexible and provides two ways how the script can be incorporated into an internal IT website:

  • standalone – a full HTML page will be generated with all tags (html, head, body, etc.)
  • snippet – only formatted content will be generated, this option allows you to incorporate the script, for example, into WordPress or other content management systems

Read more about all available parameters below.

Install & Configure

Name: Atlassian Products Checker
Version: 0.2 (check for the latest version)
Language: php
Platform: Linux Logo Linux
Requirements: php, php-json, php-curl

Download and install:
You should modify the destination directory in accordance with your environment.

wget -O /tmp/
mkdir -p /var/www/wordpress/toolbox/
unzip /tmp/ -d /var/www/wordpress/toolbox/
rm -f /tmp/

Configurable user variables in the script:

Variable Default value Description
standalone false true – standalone, false – snippet
time_defzone Australia/Sydney Timezone is used to correctly display the time when a report was generated
proxy http://proxy.example.local:3128 The script tries to connect to a website directly and if it fails it will try to use a proxy server from this variable
proxyauth user:password Credentials for authentication on a proxy server (if required). You also need to uncomment line #61 to use it
curl_timeout 2 How long curl will be waiting for a response. Default is 2 seconds
apps_urls * The list of your servers to be checked. You have to replace default values with your own

If you want to use the script as part of your content management system, you have to have a plugin installed to allow PHP insertion onto a page (for example, Insert PHP plugin for WordPress):


Also, you need to adjust CSS to align the output of the script with your color schema, it is possible to do via Custom CSS. For example:

.sve-app-header {
	background: #f9f9f9;
	text-align: center;
	font-weight: bold;
	padding: 0;
	color: black;

.sve-app-align {
	text-align: center;


Execute in the CLI:

root@svelab:/var/www/wordpress/toolbox# php tbox-atlassian.php

Or open it as a standard webpage and get the output like this one:
Atlassian Products Checker

Source code

How to check for the latest HipChat version

Unfortunately, HipChat login page does not contain any information about the current version. It is still possible to retrieve that information but requires storing credentials to log into HipChat. An alternative way is to parse /etc/hipchat-release and provide access to values via an extension to SNMP service.

The URL of the latest available HipChat version can be picked up there:

root@svelab:~# curl

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Contact us

Please, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. Post a comment below if you want to report a bug.

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